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The company was founded by an inventor who holds the rights to various innovative product designs, including the patented Heroes and Legends TM beds.

In testament to their novelty, the U.S. Patent Office issued the first group of patents covering several of the product designs in a head-spinning, less than a year from filing. Since then, feedback has confirmed their uniquely universal appeal, with more than a dozen additional patents granted or pending around the world.

The Heroes and Legends TM name comes, in part, from the company’s commitment to honoring real-life heroes who inspire others through their courage, effort, skill, ingenuity, compassion, and sacrifice. At a recent charity fundraising event, legendary baseball pitcher, Mariano Rivera, signed The Sandman Heroes and Legends bed.

than two
dozen Heroes and Legends beds have been given away to:

In addition to honoring heroes in the sports and entertainment industries who give back to charities and local communities, our mission is to continue to partner with other organizations to honor local heroes such as our policemen, firefighters, wounded military, and cancer survivors. By the gift of a Heroes and Legends TM bed to their children, we hope that they will be reminded – each and every time they go to bed -- that they come from a line of heroes.



"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.“ Sir Winston Churchill

Disclaimer: Neither the Heroes and Legends products nor any of the patents and pending patent applications covering them (e.g., U.S. Patent Nos. D666851, D666852, D666437, D704975, D704976, D707481, D707482, D709313, D709314), or any social media/internet(s) sites and photograph(s) displaying them, are associated with, connected to, or sponsored by, Major League Baseball and/or The New York Yankees